Guadelupe Training

We left on Tuesday afternoon for Guadelupe (bad timing on our part, as it was transfer week…), and arrived there late in the afternoon. We had planned to stay at a small bed & breakfast place, but could not find it. The Google map said it was in the city near where the Richmonds lived (the couple we were being trained by), but after wandering around the inner city for a while it became clear we were NOT where we were supposed to be. It turned out the place was clear on the other side of the island… So we had to cancel that and ended up staying in the same hotel we stayed at while attending Zone Conference in Guadelupe some time ago.

Early Weds morning we got picked up by the Zone Leaders (Elder Pape, who was also being trained just in case), and went over to the Richmonds. Elder Richmond had the morning perfectly scheduled out for us. We trained in their home office in the morning—learning to electronically pay bills, pay bills by check, apartment contracts, phones, utilities, etc. After we felt we had a good handle on that, which took us to noon, we went to lunch at a great little Chinese restaurant (all you can eat!). Elder Pape went back 4-5 times…

That afternoon the Richmonds took us around the city to show us where stuff was. We met with President Éclair of the Mission Presidency (he had to sign some Temple Recommends we had with us), and then we went to the insurance office, the bank, post office, FedEx, etc.

Late afternoon we finally ended our training and were taken back to the hotel. The next day we traveled back to St Martin, just in time to go to Correlation Meeting at the Church and meet all the new missionaries that had arrived !

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