November Transfers

October Transfers

It has been a crazy week this week. We had a lot of missionaries transfer in and out of St Martin this week—well, mostly in, only one out!

We were very sorry to see Sister Robinson leave the island. She came on her mission just after we arrived, so we were all ‘training’ together. She had become one of our very best missionaries on St Martin, so we will miss her a lot. She is a terrific missionary and a natural leader. She also did a great job training Sister Stewart (who is taking over for her, and is now a trainer herself!).

So we lost one missionary, but ended up getting FIVE new missionaries! As a result, we had to open two new apartments. We now have 12 missionaries on the island (for a short time we had 5). It is overwhelming, for the moment at least—we all have to get used to the idea of so many missionaries here!

IMG_4955 Here are some pics of the last Zone Meeting  Elder Savard and Elder PohlIMG_4957 IMG_4972 And the last District Meeting  Elder Spencer teaching the groupIMG_4975 Sister Robinson, Elder Pohl and Jones role-playing during District Meeting IMG_4978 Sister Robinson, Stewart, and Terri looking up info about the current transfers

DSCN0959 Here is the last picture of our missionaries before the transfer: Left to right

Elders Page Jones, Pohl, Nixon, Savard, Spencer, Clawson

Sisters Stewart, Robinson, Clawson DSCN0960 Sister Robinson and Stewart DSCN0963  DSCN0965 We were not able to say goodbye at the airport, as usual, as we had to travel to Guadelupe for some training. So, Tuesday morning after District meeting we took pictures and said goodbye, and headed off to Guadelupe for three days.

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