The new missionaries

Here are some pictures of the new missionaries and our first Correlation meeting with TWELVE missionaries on St Martin!

IMG_5089  Sister Stewart with Sister Call (new), Elder Marae (new from Tahiti) with Elder SavardIMG_5090 President Huggins in blue directing the Correlation Meeting with Brother George IMG_5091 IMG_5092 IMG_5093  As you can see, we could barely fit everyone into the room! But it will be great for the work here on St Martin. We have 5 baptisms scheduled for the coming weeks (some due to the hard work of Sister Robinson, who just left), and look forward to many more now…IMG_5094 Elder George (new) with Elder Spencer (District Leader) working in Pointe Blanche area IMG_5095 Elder Cox (new) with Elder Pohl (Zone Leader) working in the Belvedere Area IMG_5097 Elder Marae (new) with Elder Savard (Zone Leader) working on the French side in Marigot–an area that was closed for a while due to no French speaking Elders on the island. IMG_5099 Sister Stewart with Sister Call (new) working the Cole Bay Area, near the Church, and near where Terri and I live IMG_5100 Elder Nixon and Elder Merritt (new) working the new area called Ebenezer. They live right next to Elders Page and Jones who work the St Peters area (they work the same ‘valley’ that has a lot of people–one set works one side, the other set works the other side.

We all have our work cut out for us, but once we get organized, I’m sure the work will move forward quickly.

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2 Responses to The new missionaries

  1. David Merritt says:

    I last heard from my so last Sunday when he left the SLC Utah airport. I have been hoping to hear from him or someone letting me know he had arrived on time. I stumbled upon this page by chance and low and behold there he is. Elder Merritt we love you and Idaho is snowy cold!!

  2. Sister booth says:

    We enjoyed all your posts , especially the photos of Guadelupe. We must be the couple that you mention coming in January. We are working on our language training online with the MTC. A lot of the French I studied at BYU is coming back to me but my husband is struggling. We are at our daughters home in NY helping out. Our study took a nosedive this week as she and her husband had twin girls by c- section and the babies are having some problems. So we are at the hospital a lot this week and next. We will be here almost up to the time we leave on our mission. We haven’t heard from president yet, so your posts are especially helpful. Que Dieu vous benisse

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