District Meeting for 14

We now can barely fit into the room while holding weekly District Meeting, as we now have 12 (well, 14 with Terri and I) missionaries on the island. All the members are excited about the new missionaries and the success we are beginning to have here (we have two baptisms scheduled this week, and two next week).


The primary are preparing for the annual primary program in the Branch!  DSCN0970 They have been working hard each week DSCN0971 Although sometimes their minds wander…  DSCN0973 And then it is back to work! DSCN0974 DSCN0975 Here are some pictures of our most recent District Meeting DSCN0976 DSCN0977 They spent time discussing some changes in the rules of doing missionary work, and also went over a map of the island showing where all the specific missionary areas are–so that each companionship knows the area of the island they are to cover.

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1 Response to District Meeting for 14

  1. Bro. And Sister Booth says:

    Looks wonderful! Formidable!

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