More Baptisms

This was another good week for St Martin, as we had two more people get baptized! We have more scheduled in the weeks to come, and with so many missionaries here we should be able to continue this trend.


Here are a few of our missionaries (and an investigator in the back, who will be baptized in a couple of weeks), waiting for the baptismal service to begin.


Sister Katerina (Kat) Jircikova and Cameron (a member and her soon-to-be husbund). Cameron baptized her, and Elder Savard gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost.

IMG_5609 Nichaulle Jacob and one of her missionaries, Sister Stewart. Nichaulle was baptized by Pres. Huggins, the Branch President, and she asked me to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Things are going REALLY WELL here on St Martin. The missionaries are healthy (mostly) and happy, and working hard–and we are seeing the fruits of all their labors!

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2 Responses to More Baptisms

  1. LaWren Booth says:


  2. David Merritt says:

    So good to be able to see my missionary son Elder Merritt. He is missed but we know he is teaching the gospel. And it is probably nice not waking up to -10 weather and snow to shovel. It is neat to have this ongoing update on their work. I wish my older son had such a blog when he was in Argentina a few years ago.

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