Zone Conference / Travels / Transfers

The last couple of weeks has been busy! We had our 2nd visit to the island from President and Sister Herrington–who came for a Zone Conference. We left the same day they did–they for another Zone Conference and we for Salt Lake– to travel with a sick missionary who was going home (he is fine), and we returned just in time for transfers!

IMG_5633 Rather poor quality pictures of the Zone Conference on St Martin. They held meetings in the morning, then had lunch about 3pm, then had interviews with the President. IMG_5634 The lunch turned into a mini-disaster for us…Terri had planned on serving an Indian/noodle dish, but the power went out–which meant that we could not get back into our apartment to get the food (the hurricane shutter was down). We quickly went to our favorite French bakery and bought enough sandwiches to feed the group (it was during a slow time for them, so it worked out!). The power went off at the church also, so all the missionaries had to ‘sweat-it-out’ during the Zone Conference. IMG_5635 Here are some Elders at the airport as Terri and I were leaving for Salt Lake. IMG_5636 IMG_5637 It was such a whirlwind tour of Salt Lake, we didn’t even take pictures! But we had a fun time with the family, and ate some great food. Then it was back to our lovely island. IMG_5638 You can see how busy the island is now! Each day more and more boats come into the harbor. I keep thinking there can’t be any more room…but more come in anyway! IMG_5639 IMG_5640  There are all diff. kinds of boats–yachts, sailing vessels with huge masts (over 100′ high), and lots of small boats to take passengers to and from the larger boats.IMG_5642 IMG_5643 IMG_5644 IMG_5645 IMG_5646 Here are some pictures of our last Zone meeting, prior to transfers. On this transfer we will be losing two missionaries, and gaining none (so we will be shutting down one apartment for a while). Elder Pohl is leaving for home, and Elder Spencer (our District Leader) is heading for Granada. Elder Cox will move to work with Elder George, and Elder Page becomes the new District Leader. We have only one Zone Leader now–Elder Savard. IMG_5647 Here is a rather bad picture of Elder Marae and Elder Savard IMG_5648  Elder Pohl, on the left, will be leaving the island for homeIMG_5649 Elder Merrit and Elder Nixon talking about working in their area IMG_5650   Elder Jones (Jonesy…) and Elder Page   IMG_5653 Elder Cox and Elder Pohl IMG_5654 Sister Call and Sister Stewart IMG_5655 Elder Spencer leading his last meeting prior to leaving for Granada IMG_5656 After the meeting we all ate lunch together  IMG_5658 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 We are sorry to see Elder Pohl and Spencer to leave, but happy that so many of our missionaries will be staying for longer!

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2 Responses to Zone Conference / Travels / Transfers

  1. Ken Pohl says:

    We are sitting here today waiting excitedly to see our son for the first time in two years and praying for a safe trip for him. We are so very thankful to know of the support and care you have provided for him and the other missionaries. It helped us to know he was in good hands. Thank you. Bro. Pohl

  2. LaWren Booth says:

    Thanks for the update. This week we got our last Hep A and B shots also yellow fever. We also received our certified birth certificates, marriage certificate, and police reports all for our French visas. Questions: do the pharmacies have typical items as in the states? Are kitchen supplies easily available ( wooden spoons, can opener, knives? ) Are there other French speaking couples?

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