Christmas in St Martin

We had a nice Christmas day in St Martin. We slept in late, then prepared for a breakfast with a member and two missionaries (all the other missionaries had been invited to spend time at members’ homes or investigators homes).

DSCN0979  There are an incredible number of large boats coming and going every day. There are two bridges in Simpson Bay that stop traffic while the boats come in and out of the bay–backing up already busy traffic. Last week our 5 min drive to church took 45 minutes!

DSCN0980 DSCN0981 DSCN0982 DSCN0983 DSCN0984 DSCN0985   DSCN0988 DSCN0989  On Christmas Eve Terri and I joined Elders Page, Jones, Nixon, and Sisters Call and Stewart in singing Christmas Carols to in the Ebenezer neighborhood.DSCN0990 DSCN0991 DSCN0992 DSCN0993  DSCN0995  DSCN0997  DSCN0999  We spent about 2 hours walking up and down hills in the neighborhood singing carols to those who would listen. If they came out to talk, the Elders gave them a wrapped present: a Book of Mormon. They gave out a ‘Santa’s Sack’ full of Book of Mormons that night!DSCN1003  DSCN1005   DSCN1008 DSCN1009  DSCN1011 St Martin on Christmas Eve night DSCN1013  Elders Clawson, Cox, George, and Brother Merchant (in the Santa hat) at Christmas breakfastDSCN1014 Santa Merchant DSCN1015 Elder Cox and George DSCN1016  Elder Clawson with a map of ST Martin in the backgroundDSCN1017  For breakfast we had ‘egg-stuff’, orange rolls, ham, and a coconut tart (a local favorite) that we were given by our sweet landlady. We also had cherry jello salad and potato salad for later in the day.DSCN1018 After breakfast we watched last year’s Tabernacle Choir broadcast: A Christmas with the Muppets.


That night some of the missionaries came over to watch a Disney movie.


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3 Responses to Christmas in St Martin

  1. William Moore says:

    You bought the same juice in Mbuji-Mayi. Oh you suffer so due to traffic jams! Just be thankful there are’t hungry policemen asking for “sugar”. Thank you for your blog.

    The Moores in snowy freezing South Jordan.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. LaWren Booth says:

    Sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Rhonda Call says:

    Love the pictures! Especially of the missionaries caroling?😀👍❤️

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