New Years on St Martin

We had a good New Years Eve. Somehow we were able to stay up late enough to see the fireworks. St Martin has a LOT of fireworks to please the tourists. From our balcony overlooking Simpson Bay we were able to see at least six different displays, all going off at the same time!

The closest was Simpson Bay, just below where we live. Then there were two out towards the airport (Maho Beach and Cole Bay) which we could clearly see. And there were 3-4 going off on the French side of the Bay, near Marigot. These were farther away, but we could see them clearly.

We had to keep turning our heads to see all the different displays going off. Of course, they were not nearly as good as Chris can do (and there was no music accompanying the fireworks), but it was quite a good show.

It was so good, we forgot to take pictures!

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2 Responses to New Years on St Martin

  1. Lawren Booth says:

    Sounds wonderful! I have made comments on your blog and just realized you probably haven’t seen them. We are in our final preparations for our mission. We leave for Provo on the 12th for three days French immersion then the regular week of training. We should get to Barbados the 23rd but have Not received final arrangements yet. I am wondering about if I should bring any small kitchen items for cooking? Also do the drugstores carry items similar to US items? Any advice or tips would be appreciated. Thanks so much, Sister LaWren Booth

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    • tiniantimes says:

      The only personal thing you MUST bring with you is medication. You should bring 18 months worth of medication with you. Otherwise, you will be in a lovely, fully furnished apartment, on an island where you can find almost anything you want or need. So, no, you don’t need to bring any kitchen or household items, and the drugstores here have all the normal over-the-counter drugs you will need or want (and they sell a lot of drugs over-the-counter that are prescription only in the states). BUT, there is a chance they may not have the specific prescription drug you take, so bring it with you. OR, contact Terri (she is the Mission Medical Advisor) and she can tell you if the medication is readily available here.

      We are all looking forward to your coming! Good luck on your travels!

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