Our Travels Begin

Terri and I have been assigned to travel to Guadeloupe to take over for the Senior couple who left there. We had originally thought this would be just a one or two time thing, as there was a couple coming that would be assigned to that island.

However, we have had many couples leave the mission recently, and don’t have many new couples coming out…so things have changed. The couple that would have come to Guadeloupe is now going to Martinique (and probably covering another island also), while we keep Guadeloupe.

As a result of these changes, Terri and I will need to visit Guadeloupe on a regular basis to pay bills and deal with apartments and cars, etc. Because of the strange French laws, most of the apartments on French Islands (including the apartment on the French side of St Martin), are all paid from a bank in Guadeloupe. We cannot pay French bills from outside ‘France.’

We are not sure what are actual schedule will be yet. We may spend half the time on Guadeloupe and half on St Martin. We will see how things go.

Hopefully we will get more Senior Couples coming on missions, and assigned to Barbados–then we can all go back to normal!

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1 Response to Our Travels Begin

  1. Lawren Booth says:

    Wow! This all sounds very interesting. So you think President will assign us to Martinique? We leave Tues morning for Provo!

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