Recent Sacrament Speakers

We have had some great talks recently, many from brand-new members.

20160117_094241 Elder Jones (Jonesy) gave a great talk today. He is quite literally loved by everyone! He cannot stand in front of a group without turning bright red…but today he worked through it and gave a great talk on charity. 20160117_092543  Ayana is a new convert giving her first talk. She has such a great bubbly personality! I was privileged to be asked to baptize her.20160110_094915  President Otto came last week to visit the Branch and speak. Here he is with President Huggins (who translated for him from French to English). St Martin is the only English speaking Branch in the District.20160110_093453  Sister Lamb gave a talk last week as well20160110_093034 Another new covert giving her first talk. It is quite amazing the powerful testimonies that new converts can share!

It is exciting to be a part of the lives of all these wonderful people. To be able to see them accept the Gospel and watch their lives change for the better!

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  1. Sœur booth says:

    Look forward to arriving in the mission on Saturday!

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