Mornings in Paridise

Here are some pics from my morning walks. It has been beautiful weather here! It’s so hard to serve the Lord here…it’s no wonder so many senior couples decide not to come….

IMG_5717  IMG_5719 IMG_5720 IMG_5721 IMG_5741 There are lots of large boats going in and out of port when the bridge is up in the morning. IMG_5746 IMG_5764 Just one of the many rainbows you will see while staying on the island IMG_5767 IMG_5768 IMG_5770 IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5776 IMG_5778  IMG_5780 IMG_5781 IMG_5783 IMG_5784 Some of the sailboats have huge masts! IMG_5785 IMG_5786 Most of the rain comes at night, so in the morning it is cool and dry, but enough moisture in the air to have great sunrise and rainbows!

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