President Herrington visits

This was/is a busy week. We had a transfer (kind of a mid-transfer transfer) where Elder Marae was moved to Granada and Elder Sabin came here to St Martin as a Zone Leader.

We also had a ‘surprise’ visit by President and Sister Herrington. They came for a few days to work with the missionaries, hold some training meetings with the local Branch, and see how things were going.


Zone Meeting, with Elder Moux taking the lead. We all said goodbye to Elder Marae, as he was leaving us.

20160209_100659 20160211_190654

Brother & Sister Whitehead (newly married!) with Elder Marae. Brother Whitehead was just made the new Branch Mission Leader!


Terri and I with Elder Marae


Elder Sabin (the new Zone Leader) with his companion Elder Moux. We now have two Zone Leaders on St Martin!


We had yet another baptism on Saturday. This is Sissla with Elder Merritt who baptized him. He had Elder Jones give him the Holy Ghost on Sunday.


Elder Whipple playing for the baptismal meeting


A crowd gathers after Sissla’s baptism to congratulate him. President and Sister Herrington were able to attend.


President Herrington and President Huggins waiting for Sacrament meeting to begin. Terri and I both spoke on Sunday–Terri spoke on Sacrifice and I spoke on Eternal Marriage (Valentines day and all…). After us Sister Herrington and then President Herrington spoke to the congregation.

The President will stay until Tues, when he is off again; leaving after District Meeting.

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2 Responses to President Herrington visits

  1. LaWren Booth says:

    Looks like you have had a busy week. We are slowly figuring out what to do here and how to do it. We learn a lot every day. We are beginning to really enjoy our apartment now that it is cleaned and furnished with just some repairs yet to do. We inspected all our apartments this week. What an adventure that was!

    • tiniantimes says:

      Good. You are authorized to do whatever you need to do to make your apartment and living conditions better. The same is true for the other missionaries. There is a list of basic things we put in every apartment, but if you see that something is broken, or worn out, or something is needed to make their living conditions better, you can do those things for them. We do everything we can to make sure the missionaries have clean functioning apartments. Often, when things break or wear out, the missionaries try to make do, rather than tell someone who can help. So when you do inspections, if you see things that need replaced, or that can make their living conditions better, do it! For example, one of the things we look at are screens on the windows. If they don’t have screens, or they need fixed, you can do that for them. We found a member in our branch that installs and fixes screens. We have had him fix all the screens in the church and in missionary apartments. Little things like that can make a big difference! So glad you are here to help!

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