More St Martin Baptisms!

Saturday was another big day for St Martin, as two more people were baptized here: Michael Casseus and Juan Joseph


Here is Juan last week, attending the baptism of Sizzla


Here is Juan and Michael this week, ready for their own baptism!


Juan and Elder Moux, who performed the baptism


Me and Brother Michael. I was privileged to perform the baptism!


Elder Jones is really magnifying his calling: besides his daily missionary work, he plays the piano in church, and conducts during Sacrament meeting!


Elder Cox gave a talk this week in sacrament meeting.

Great week!

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2 Responses to More St Martin Baptisms!

  1. Devin Cox says:

    Elder and Sister Clawson – Thank you so much for taking such good care of our son (Elder Cox) and the other missionaries on St. Maarten. We are especially grateful for the photos of the missionaries you post each week. They are literally the only photos we get of our son and the other missionaries he is serving with. We cannot thank you enough for the photos!

    Thank you again, Devin and Taunya Cox

    P.S. On a side note, I have read a number of your books… they are fantastic.

    • tiniantimes says:

      Not a problem- that is what we are here for! Wish I could take more pictures, but it isn’t quite appropriate to take pictures during a discussion! But we try to keep everyone up on what is happening here.

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