District Meeting

Here are some pics of the most recent District Meeting– they probably look the same as other pictures… but such is life!


Elder Ashcraft and Cox giving their weekly report. They have two possible baptisms coming up! Terri and I went on a teaching appointment with these Elders this week, and it was wonderful. They are doing a great job!


Sister Lamb and Call give their weekly report. They are both so upbeat and positive! Of course, they should be…they are having a lot of success and are leading the Zone in numbers of discussions taught. Sister Lamb’s last week on the island is coming up! She only has about two weeks left!


Elder Whipple and Merritt give their weekly report (and Elder Whipple gave the lesson this week). They are doing well also. The had a baptism recently and have at least one more coming up!


Elder Jones and Stevens give their report. They are two of our hardest working elders. Elder Jones is kept very busy, as he often plays the piano and acts as chorister for meetings. They are having a lot of success working with inactive members and recently baptized members.


Elder Moux and Elder Sabin give their report. They are off to Barbados this week for Mission Leadership Conference. They recently had a baptism, and are working with a number of inactive members.


Elder Ashcraft was given an assignment to give part of the lesson.

The entire Zone/District is really doing well right now. Every area has been having success, and we have 4-5 people preparing for baptism. We often have 5-6 investigators coming to church every week, and the work with the members is progressing also.

It is a great time to serve on ST Martin!


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