The Resurrection Test

In my Institute class we were studying the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I thought I would make up a test for the class to see how much they knew about the resurrection. Here are the questions, with references to where I found the information, and you could find the answers…



  1. What is the resurrection? (Alma 11:43, 45; MD 637)
  2. Who was the first person resurrected? (I Corinthians 15:23; 2 Nephi 2:8; DBY 374)
  3. What happens to those brought back to life before Christ’s resurrection (such as Lazarus)? (DBY 374)
  4. What caused men to die? Why do we need the resurrection? (DS 2:258)
  5. What ordinance is symbolic of the resurrection? (GD 101)
  6. Does everyone get resurrected? (2 Nephi 9:22; Alma 11:42, 44; AGQ 1:38)
  7. What would happen to us if we were not resurrected? (DS283)
  8. Are even the wicked Sons of Perdition resurrected? (DS 2:25)
  9. What if they don’t want to be resurrected? (DS 2:10)
  10. Do translated beings (i.e., Moses, Elijah, Enoch, etc.) need to be resurrected? (AGC 2:47; DS 2:300)
  11. How did Christ overcome death? (AGQ 3:207)
  12. Why did Christ have to shed His blood? (AGQ 3:207)
  13. How did Christ obtain power over death? (DS 2:259)
  14. Will our resurrected body still look like us? (DBY 372)
  15. Will our resurrected bodies be perfect? (Alma 11:43, 45; AGQ 1:42)
  16. Are resurrected bodies perfect the moment they come out of the grave? (DS 2:292)
  17. If the body is perfect, and will never die, will we have use for the organs of the body? (DBY 375)
  18. Is a resurrected body a physical or spiritual body? (I Corinthians 15:44; DS 2:284)
  19. What is the difference between a mortal body and a resurrected body? (DS 2:284)
  20. Is a person who dies as a child, resurrected as a child or an adult? (AGQ 1:59; GD 24; DS 2:54, 293)
  21. Who raises the children after they are resurrected? (GD 247)
  22. What kingdom do children obtain? (DS 2:54)
  23. Do children automatically obtain the highest degree in that kingdom? (DS 2:54)
  24. Do animals have a spirit? Are animals resurrected? (AGQ 2:48; DS !:62)
  25. Do plants have a spirit? Will plants and trees, etc., be resurrected? (AGQ 4:129; DS 2:281; MD 642)
  26. Is the earth itself alive? Will the earth die and be resurrected? (AGQ 2:106; DS 1:77, 88; DBY 375)
  27. Do we gain or lose intelligence in the resurrection? Why? (D&C 130:18-19; AGQ 2:74)
  28. Do we continue to learn and progress after the resurrection? (DS 1:300; DBY 397)
  29. Can resurrected beings have children? (AGQ 4:146)
  30. Do all resurrected beings have the ability to have children? (DS 2:287)
  31. What type of children do resurrected beings have? (DS 2:68)
  32. Do all resurrected beings have families? (DS 2:287)
  33. What is the path the spirit travels from pre-mortal life to the resurrection? (GD 241)
  34. What #3 judgments do all spirits go through? (Abraham 3:25-26; Alma 40:11-13; Rev. 20:12)
  35. Where is the spirit world? (DBY 377)
  36. Who resides in paradise and who resides in hell? (D&C 76:73, 84; TPJS 366)
  37. Who holds the keys of resurrection? (DS 1:128)
  38. Who will raise our bodies in the resurrection? (DBY 373)
  39. Are there “classes” or types of resurrected bodies? (DS 2:287; MD 641)
  40. What are these types of bodies based on? (D&C 88:28-32; DS 2:287)
  41. Can a resurrected being travel through solid objects? (DS 2:288)
  42. How many resurrections are there? (John 5:29; DS 2:297; MD 640)
  43. When is the 1st Resurrection? (D&C 88:96-97; DS 2:297)
  44. Who is ‘caught up’ to meet Christ first? (I Thessalonians 4:16; D&C 29:26)
  45. When is the 2nd Resurrection? (DS 2:297)
  46. What is the timetable for the resurrection? Which kingdom is resurrected first?            (D&C 88:96-102; DS 2:296)
  47. What is the ‘Church of the Firstborn’? (DS 2:297)
  48. What are temple ordinances for? (DS 2:176; DBY 397)
  49. Can someone who is worthy to enter the Celestial Kingdom be resurrected without having their temple ordinances performed? (DS 2:176; DBY 397)
  50. Will everyone have their temple ordinances performed? (DS 2:176; DBY 397)
  51. Do our pain and sufferings in this life give us claim to a better afterlife? (Hebrews 11:35,40)
  52. When people die in the millennium, will they go to the Spirit World? (D&C 43:32; 101:31)

Source abbreviations:

MD = Mormon Doctrine, Bruce R. McConkie

DBY = Discourses of Brigham Young

DS = Doctrines of Salvation, Joseph Fielding Smith

GD = Gospel Doctrine, Joseph F. Smith

AGQ = Answers to Gospel Questions, Joseph Fielding Smith

TPJS = Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith

Tomorrow, if your good, I will post the answers to these questions.

As you review the questions, understanding that we have been given the answers to all of these questions, ponder just how much light and knowledge God has poured down upon His people in the last days! It is astonishing!

And this is just ONE gospel subject we are considering… When adding all the light and knowledge we have obtained concerning the other gospel doctrine subjects, it becomes another absolute proof that the Gospel has been restored in our day and we actually do have living Prophets and Apostles to lead and guide us.

Most of this knowledge is not available to other churches and religions. It is only found within the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When God promised the windows of heaven would be opened, He was not kidding!

Have fun with these questions. We did!

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    Kevan, I don’t see any references to KKC (Kevan Kingsley Clawson). 🤓

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