The beauty of St Martin

It is a real blessing to be here on St Martin! Each morning I go for a walk along the long causeway that links to the airport. Recently there was a famous regatta / boat race held here. There are still hundreds of boats in St Martin! There are some amazing yachts, sailboats, and other craft.

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We live on the right side of this hill, about 1/2 way up. We have a great view of Simpson Bay and the airport.


Not all boats make it out alive….


There is one way in and out of the bay: via this bridge. Even the largest yacht somehow can make it through this narrow passage. However, it does cause a lot of traffic problems, as the bridge goes up every hour to let boats in and out. During the regatta the bridge would raise for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to let the line of boats in or out of the bay, then close just in time to open again at the top of the hour! What a mess!


But we get used to timing our comings and goings based on the timing of the bridge.

The weather is almost always nice here. When it rains (and it rains almost every day), it rains at night. So during the day it is always warm and sunny.

Tough way to serve the Lord, eh?

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