Two missionaries escape St Martin!

We had two missionaries escape St Martin and leave by ferry to Antigua…


Most of the accidents and problems are caused by tourists– like this one that couldn’t decide which way to go, so ended up high-centered on the median!


Elder Jones is again magnifying his calling– he is often called upon to play the piano and/or conduct the music in meetings. He does a great job, and his smile and good attitude are infectious!


Elder Monroe speaking in sacrament meeting

20160320_100041 20160321_102712

Sister Call and Sister Provsgaard, with Elder Jones emailing home

The missionaries having p-day at our apartment. Normally they go to the Church to email, but the Church’s internet is down, so they all came here. We also have a local issue with our cars–the missionary cars are parked until further notice because of some legal/paperwork issues with the local government (they won’t let us get our new plates until all of our paperwork is correct…). The Church has its lawyers working on the problem, so it shouldn’t be too long!


Elder Stevens and Elder Moux ‘chillin’ on our patio overlooking Simpson Bay.


The ferry Elders Jones and Cox took to escape the island of St Martin. Missionaries staying on St Martin can only stay for 6 months. After that time they are required to leave the island. When they return, with a new ‘stamp’ on their passport, they can stay longer. Elder Jones was out of time and had to leave. So he and Elder Cox received permission to leave the island and travel to Antigua (another country) so they could get the new stamp on their passport. Terri and I have left the island several times on trips to Barbados, Martinique, and Guadeloupe…so we are good to stay for a long time!


The local port for the ferry to Antigua.

20160321_172304 IMG_5787

Fortunately the missionaries got back to St Martin alive and well, and didn’t end up like this poor soul–shipwrecked!

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