Easter in St Martin

This week was Easter in St Martin. They take this holiday seriously here–closing for three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Well… the law says all businesses must close all day Friday, and most people take off Monday as well, but then everything is open again and active on Saturday and Sunday (Easter). So they close on Good Friday, but are open and having parties on Easter Sunday!?

The Branch had an Easter breakfast on Good Friday, with an Easter egg hunt for the children. We also watched a short video produced by the Church about Easter, and Terri was asked to say a few words about the Easter holiday. Terri went through the time-line of the Easter Holiday: the last supper and Christ’s atonement on Thursday evening; His betrayal, trial, and crucifixion on Friday; His preaching to the spirits in the Spirit World (Paradise) on Saturday; and His resurrection on Sunday.

After a prayer on the food, we all ate a great breakfast.


President Huggins and the missionaries preparing the breakfast table in the Relief Society Room. Many members brought food to share.


Elder Moux with Brother Merchant and Brother Benjamin waiting for breakfast to start.


The Elders taking a rest and waiting for someone to give them directions


Terri and President Huggins ‘overseeing’ the work of the missionaries as they set-up chairs for those who are coming


The breakfast table is filling up with good food. I made cherry-jello-salad and brownies, and Terri made two egg casseroles and lemon bread. The missionaries brought pancakes and others brought juice and potatoes and pumpkin fritters, and things I didn’t have a clue as to what it was–but it was good!


People begin to assemble in the Chapel for the start of the short meeting prior to eating.


President Huggins setting up the video we will watch about Jesus Christ


President Huggins shared a short message about Jesus, then turned the time over to Terri, who went through the timeline of the Easter season and what Christ’s last hours were like. Then, after a prayer, it was a mad dash for the food!

20160325_093809 20160325_093815 20160325_094046 20160325_094054 20160325_100736

After eating the children were gathered to go find Easter eggs and other prizes.

20160325_100739 20160325_100801

Meanwhile, the missionaries stayed behind to finish-off the food!


Some of the young children coming back after finding eggs and prizes


Brother Kasanwidjojo taking a rest from eating and chasing after his young daughter


President Huggins did his best to keep control of the excited crowd as they ran for eggs and goodies


Brother Somersall and JP taking a break from the action


Some of the children counting their treasure

20160325_102916 20160325_103145 20160325_103209

As you can see, there was not much left of the breakfast! A testament to how good it all was!


Sister Call and Provsgaard trying to escape from the mayhem


Some of the Elders resting before having to clean up. Elder Stevens and Moux


Elders Cox, Jones, Monroe, and Whipple


Elders Ashcraft and Sabin


Finishing off all the gifts brought for the children

20160325_103426 20160325_103438 20160327_090636

On Sunday, we held fast and testimony meeting. It was a great way to celebrate Easter. There were some powerful testimonies shared of our love and devotion to Jesus Christ.

Sister Call was asked by Pres. Huggins to lead the music


She also shared a powerful testimony of the Savior with the congregation



It was a great weekend! I think everyone had fun and was uplifted.

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