General Conference

We had a great General Conference weekend…although not without its problems!

When we arrived at church on Saturday to see the first session, there were problems with the satellite system: it just wasn’t working. Then we turned to the church’s internet system, which also wasn’t working!

After spending quite some time trying to work things out, Terri tried to get conference on her Blackberry phone–via audio only. This worked for a short time, then it failed too.

We finally decided to move everyone to our apartment where we could use our internet to watch. Although late, the group was able to watch the entire conference (Terri was able to go back and see what we missed). As we had several investigators attending, it was great to finally get it working so we could enjoy the talks.

Saturday night Priesthood Session was watched at members’ homes (all the missionaries had been assigned to go to a member’s home to watch this session), while Terri and I watched from out apartment.

On Sunday Terri decided she could take our internet router to the church and use that to get conference there–where there was more seating. Good thing, as there were many more people that came, including about six from one of the cruise ships!

We set-up a TV in the Relief Society room, which ended up to be quite full. The rest of Conference was watched at the Church.

20160403_120027 20160403_120037

Although not all seats are seen full, we had more come later, and had to bring more chairs in–so the room ended up to be packed!

Next Sunday is District Conference (they will not be televising the District session on Saturday). As usual, it will all be in French (we are part of the Guadeloupe District, which is French), so we may not have a lot of members stay to watch, as we do not have translators for the sessions either. But Terri and I can understand a little French, and there are the occasional English speaker, so we intend to watch the session along with all of our French members on the island.

It is just one of the many challenges one faces here in the mission field!


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