A local walk

The missionaries used the truck today for a service project, so I took my morning walk close to home (rather than on the bridge).


A picture just doesn’t do justice to the road we live on! It is very steep, and I am breathing heavy by the time I make it to the apartment! When first driving up the road, you think the truck is going to tip over backwards…


Just down the street there is a lot of new construction going on. This is a new Jewish Synagogue going up across the street from the Atrium Hotel where a lot of the Church visitors stay.


Here is another site just being prepared for a new building. Not sure what it is going to be yet.


Just across the street is a shopping area with lots of restaurants and large dock.



We finally found an Indian Restaurant we like– who knew we would find it right at the bottom of our street! We had tried a number of Indian restaurants that had been ‘recommended’ by others, but didn’t like any of them. This one we loved! It reminded us a lot of our favorite restaurant in Lubumbashi…

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