District Meeting : Prelude before the storm…

Here are some pics of our recent District Meeting. Next week is transfer week, and we think we will be losing at least 3 and perhaps 4 of our missionaries. We won’t know for sure until Monday!


Elder Whipple conducting District Meeting. He does such an excellent job leading and teaching at these weekly meetings!


Here is our group of missionaries


Elder Moux, Cox and Ashcraft role-playing during District Meeting


Prior to transfers, we always do apartment inspections. We want to be sure that any new missionaries coming to the island will have a nice place to live. We check for cleanliness and also make sure they are changing their water filters, etc. This time we also installed new fire/CO alarms in all apartments.

This is a view from the Point Blanche apartment. They won for cleanest apartment (and were rewarded with goodies).


This is a view of Philipsburg. The main city and tourist area is to the right. Everyone comes off the large ships and walks to downtown Philipsburg to shop and eat, etc.


View looking over Simpson Bay. Marigot, where the French Elders live is to the right. You can see the causeway leading to the main airport. The French boarder is right at the end of the causeway. Our local church is located right in the middle of those large buildings/warehouses.


This is a view from the top of the hill coming from St Peters to Cole Bay. The hill on the left is where Terri and I live. Never get tired of this view!

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