Well, we will be saying goodbye to Elder Jones, Elder Cox, and Sister Call this week. The two elders will be going to St Lucia, and the sister to Barbados.


Elder Jones works his magic in Sacrament meeting. We will really miss Elder Jones (Jonesy), who is always smiling and happy! He always lights-up a room when he comes in. He has perhaps grown the most while here in St Martin. He came out on his mission so shy–and has grown into a great missionary, unafraid to meet new people and experience all the strange and different things one must confront on a mission. He is always willing to help out–leading music, playing the piano, volunteering for service, etc. I see great thing in store for him as he continues to grow and permits his faith to overcome any fears he may still have.


Elder Cox is also leaving. I have been on teaching assignments with Elder Cox on numerous occasions and find him to be very knowledgeable and a good teacher. He is very dedicated, has a strong testimony of the Gospel, and has grown a lot while here in St Martin.


We will also be losing Sister Call. She has been an outstanding missionary! She is totally unafraid to try new things, to test her own faith and the faith of her companion as they push themselves to do better and be better. The number of people they contacted and taught always led the District and Zone while she was here! She can be very proud of the work she has done and she shows great promise in who she will become in the future!

We are sad to see them go, but excited to see who will will have to work with next!

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