Wecome to the new Missionaries !

At our weekly Correlation Meeting at the Branch (where the Branch Mission Leader and the missionaries coordinate the work in the area), we were all able to meet the new missionaries: Sister Rindlisbacher (Sister R), and Elders Johnson and Smith

Here is an amusing sign display we saw. There is a hair salon that Terri has used (she stopped using it because she decided that I cut her hair better than they did– go figure!), that moved across the street. Look at the signs:

20160419_172807 20160419_172858 (1)

Each week all the missionaries meet with the Branch Leadership–the Branch Mission Leader and sometimes members of the Branch Presidency.


This is Brother Whitehead (Branch Mission Leader) and Brother George (Counselor in the Branch Presidency), taking the lead in the meeting. He coordinates the work of the missionaries on the island, and aids the missionaries in getting the members to work together with the missionaries when needed.

20160421_183354 20160421_190712

Elder Ashcraft and Elder Johnson (new), who work the Pt Blanche/Belvedere area. They will soon be moving from Pt Blanche to Belvedere, as we will be closing the Pt Blanche apartment.


Elder Smith (new) and Elder Stevens who work the St Peters area. They live in an apartment next to Elders Whipple and Monroe, who work the Ebenezer area


Sister Provsgaard (Sister P) and Sister Rindlisbacher (Sister R) who is new. Everyone has such a hard time pronouncing their names– they get shortened!

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