Fire in the hills

I went to the French hardware store, trying to find something the Dutch hardware store didn’t have…and got to see a large home fire. According to the paper, it was started by a large barbecue that got out of hand!

20160422_172114 20160422_172124 20160422_173357

This comes on top of the ‘dump fire’ that has been raging for about a week. The local island dump, situated in the middle of a salt pond (this island was once the main source of salt in the area–they have natural salt ponds that trap water, which, after evaporating, leaves salt). The fire has caused nauseous smoke for the city of Philipsburg. They have been promising to built a trash-to-energy plant here for some time (we had one in Bountiful, Utah, and in Connecticut, that work great), but the government has been delaying the installation of the plant: the plant would probably be built and owned by a third party, and all the power on the island is now government owned (diesel powered generators), so they would be in competition with each other…

Anyway, there seems to have been a lot of smoke and haze around the island recently.

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