Sunday Services

This Sunday Elder Johnson and a new French member, Juan, spoke in sacrament meeting. Elder Sabin was supposed to speak, but they ran out of time. There were a lot of people at church today, and lots of investigators.


You can see how full the parking lot was this Sunday


They even ended up parking on the lawn. I had to park in the street

20160508_112818 20160508_095544

On Mother’s Day Terri got to hold Raj’s young child while he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and confirmed as a member of the Church


This is Juan, a new member from the French side of the island, giving his first ‘speech’ to the congregation. He did a fabulous job, and has a powerful testimony of the Gospel!

20160508_095217 20160508_093507

Elder Johnson giving a talk in Sacrament meeting. President Huggins and his counselor, Brother George are sitting on the stand. The leadership of the entire Branch rest on these two men’s shoulders! (he does not have a second counselor).


This was my last week for teaching Institute. I taught my last class on Weds. We had some cake afterwards to celebrate the end of Elder Clawson’s boring lectures….

It was also the last choir until the fall, after school starts again. And Terri will be teaching her last Seminary class next Saturday. The island has gotten much quieter, with fewer people, as the busy tourist season ends and the hot summer begins (it is already reaching close to 100 on some days).

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