Walking the loop

Today I decided to walk the loop or circle around Simpson Bay. We thought it would be about 6 miles (we drove it to see how long it was), but ended up being much shorter–at least according to my little motion-sensor step calculator. It was just short of 5 miles.

The problem with walking around St Martin is that there are almost no sidewalks, so you take your life in your hands as you often share the road with all the cars and trucks. It is why I usually stick to the causeway bridge, as it has foot-paths. I would try walking the hills (they have some trails around), but my knees are not up for it!


Construction on the new Synagogue moves forward


This is the beach just at the bottom of the hill where we live

IMG_5860 IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5863

View from the bridge that lets boats in and out of Simpson Bay

IMG_5864 IMG_5865

The best pizza and calzone we have found on the island (although the paper insists the best pizza on St Martin is Dominoes….)


Simpson Bay and a view of our apartment from the causeway bridge


Where we shop every week–is used to be a French store, the Grande Marche, but on the Dutch side



Where you can get shoes fixed, and where we get keys made


One of what seems to be hundreds of lottery shops on the island


Pictures of  our local church building in Cole Bay

IMG_5872 IMG_5873

This is where the Sister missionaries live, just across the street from the church

IMG_5874 IMG_5875

The one and only movie theater on the island. It reminds me of Saipan–it had only one theater also. Since we lived on Tinian, we would have to fly or take the ferry to Saipan to be able to see a movie.

IMG_5876 IMG_5877 IMG_5878 IMG_5879 IMG_5880

The best ice cream on the island– they serve gelatto, using the ice cream machines from Italy that Terri’s brother Pat used to work for.

It was a nice walk that took about 1 1/2 hours, but I think I will stick to the causeway as walking the roads is difficult.

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