A walk to the south

I thought I would try walking a different route one morning–going south around the hill where we live. It’s called Cay Bay, and is where the power plant is that powers the Dutch side of the island.

20160530_080659 20160530_080934

Here are some pictures of the power plant, and looking up towards a famous look-out point often used by visitors to get good pictures of Simpson Bay. These were taken from a local cemetery that is by the beach.

20160530_080941 20160530_080950

Oil tankers come to the island almost every day to fill the tanks that will power the diesel generators that power our lights.


As you turn the corner, and almost completely out of sight, is a whole village of homes and what looks like a hotel. I think this was an area that was once a promising area for tourists, but may have declined due to the presence of the power plant.


Some pics of the local cemetery

20160530_081047 20160530_081222 20160530_081231 20160530_081416 20160530_081426 20160530_081444 20160530_081454 20160530_081520 20160530_081529 20160530_081552 20160530_081617 20160530_081628 (1)  20160530_081633 20160530_081635 20160530_081837 20160530_081842 20160530_082313

I assume this is here to do laundry for all the local hotels


All I saw was dogs, and it didn’t look like much of a paradise to me…


There are a lot of small churches on the island. Some are hard to find. Here is a small one attached to the side of a local grocery store.


It was a good 3 mile walk, always ending up slogging up the hill to our apartment–always the hardest part of the walk!

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