The water heater incident

We woke up one morning this week and found our bedroom floor flooded with water. Turned out that our water heater (located on the wall next to our bedroom) was leaking.

Our landlord sent Ben to fix the problem. We both ‘assumed’ the tank had been emptied, as Ben took out a part at the base of the heated that had rusted and was leaking (there was no water leaking at the time– hence the thought that no water remained…). To our surprise, as soon as the part came off, water gushed from the tank, flooding the room again!

We spent time mopping up, and then Ben came a couple of days later to install a new water heater.


Here is Ben and I after the water heater flooded. The heater is high up on the wall behind us.


You can see that Ben got the worst of it! He is holding the rusted part from the heater. They were not able to find a replacement part, so ended up getting a new heater.

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