Miss pics

Here are a few misc pictures from last week or so:


Elder Monroe giving a talk in Sacrament meeting

20160605_093952 20160607_112846

Elder Monroe conducting District Meeting (he is our District Leader)


Sister Provsgaard teaching during District Meeting

20160614_112746 (1) 20160617_115713

A ‘selfie’ of Terri and I on top of Pic Paradise, on the French side of St Martin. In the background is the French Quarter.


Elder Ashcraft teaching during District Meeting


Elder Stevens having a good time teaching during District Meeting!


A dessert Terri and I shared at a local French restaurant with our two sister Missionaries


It was Sister Rindlisbacher’s birthday, so we took the sisters to one of our favorite restaurants on the island. They are sharing a decadent dessert to celebrate!


Elder Noho giving a talk during sacrament meeting. Pres Huggins is translating for him. Elder Noho actually speaks English very well…but chose to speak in French. Which is OK–we have a number of French members and investigators (and some Spanish), so they enjoy hearing talks in their native language sometimes.


Brother George giving a talk in sacrament meeting (he is the counselor in the Branch Presidency)


I taught during Priesthood this week. Prior to starting it was requested that we gather in a circle.


I talked about the Priesthood–specifically about the various ordinances that we can perform using our priesthood (such as blessing and passing the sacrament, baptism, ordination, baby blessings, etc.). We then asked someone who had actually performed the ordinance to talk about it for a minute.

For example, when we discussed the sacrament, the question was asked whether we always had to use bread for the sacrament. The answer was no– you can actually use any kind of food for the sacrament, if that is all you have. When asked what kinds of food they had seen used for the sacrament we got: all types of bread (white, wheat, rye, rolls, etc.); glutten free bread and / or crackers; flat bread; and even trail mix!

Another question arose about wearing white during the performance of ordinances. At first most suggested that it was necessary to wear white. But after some thought, and real-life experiences, it was found that it was NOT necessary to wear white, but just tradition. For example, in the Congo where Terri and I served it was often impossible to find white clothes for members of the church. Would we then deny them baptism or other ordinances because of the lack of white clothing? Of course not! When Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized, I doubt they did so wearing white clothing– they simply wore what they had on at the time. But over time the tradition has risen that men should wear white while performing ordinances.

It was a useful and productive meeting as we all reviewed the ordinances and procedures that we must use as priesthood holders to perform our duties.


A view of Simpson Bay from Pik Paradise

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  1. Nancy says:

    After WW II the used potato peels when they couldn’t get bread.

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