Priesthood Commemoration

Last Saturday the Branch celebrated the restoration of the Priesthood by having an all-day training and lunch at the meetinghouse. The meeting began around 9:00 am and ended about 4:00 pm, with a great lunch in the middle.


President Sommersaul was conducting the meeting. In the morning we talked about the restoration of the Aaronic and Melchizadek priesthoods, with some videos. In the afternoon Brother Constant taught about home teaching.


Some of the Elders begin to gather for the meeting. We even had an investigator that came and stayed for the whole time!


Elder Stevens with friends. JP to the left (Terri’s seminary student) and his cousin Ali


Elders Smith, Wilson, Okano, and Johnson


Elders Monroe, Moux, and Noho with JP and Ali


The missionaries were determined to share their cooking skills with the group…. Obviously their Mom’s failed in passing down any cooking skills to these missionaries…


Pretty sad– but they WERE eatable!

20160618_123422 20160618_123436 20160618_123711

The group had a real feast laid out for us– BB ribs, chicken, fish, salad, etc. And don’t forget the missionary dessert!


It was a great day had by all, and there was a little food left over for some to take home to eat later!

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