Well, we finally know who is getting transfered:

Elder Moux, Elder Stevens, and Elder Ashcraft are being transferred to other areas of the mission. Elder Wilson and Elder Okano are going home. So we end up losing almost half of our missionaries this time! We do have four coming in, so we will keep our contingent of Ten missionaries here on St Martin!


We will miss Elder Ashcraft! I had the opportunity to work with him on teaching appointments more than any other elder on my mission! He is a great teacher and a great missionary!


Elder Moux was our Zone Leader, and worked the French side of the island. I only remember teaching with him once, with Elder Sabin. I was so impressed with his ability to make people at ease and how powerful his testimony of the gospel was! Even in my limited French, I could feel the power of the spirit when he taught.


Elder Stevens worked the St Peters area. I never had the opportunity to work with Elder Stevens, but whenever he had the opportunity to teach in District Meeting, he was impressive. He was quiet, and sometimes went without being noticed. But every companion praised his ability to contact people on the street and get teaching appointments! And once you could get him talking, the Spirit of God just poured out of him– it was amazing to see the transformation!

We will miss all of our missionaries and wish them well in their new areas!


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