Last District Meeting

Today was the last District Meeting before the transfers begin (Elder Okano and Wilson leave today).

On Monday we all ate at a local Indian restaurant 20160711_121952 20160711_122006 20160711_122023

The food was so good Elder Moux ate two meals!

20160711_132249 20160711_134537 20160712_105725

At our District meeting time was given to Elder Okano to share with everyone the five most important things he learned while serving on his mission (he leaves for home today). And here they are:

  1. Learn to use every tool the Church has provided for us to share the gospel. For example, we have the Preach My Gospel book, the Daily Planners, the various reports, the Zone Conferences, etc. All these have been provided to aid missionaries to become more effective and better at both finding and teaching investigators. Use them!
  2. One must put forth daily effort to learn to recognize and then act on the spiritual promptings we receive from the Lord. We need to learn to recognize when and how the Lord speaks to us, and then, just as important, to act upon those feelings and inspirations that come to us. We also should write in our journals the promptings we have received so that we can learn from them.
  3. We need to set goals to meet our expectations. If we want to accomplish something–no matter what it might be–we will obtain those things faster and with more ability if we set goals along the way to reach them.
  4. Don’t abandon our personal agency to others. Don’t let other people decide what you should do or how you should lead your life. We must take charge of our own life and make decisions, rather than just going along or letting others, or just circumstances, decide the course of our lives, or our missions.
  5. Use our agency and decision making to give our lives over to the Lord. Allow God to guide us. Moroni 10:32. Deny ourselves all ungodliness, and choose to follow God’s will.


Elder Moux gave a short talk and bore his testimony of the Lord.

20160712_110434 20160712_114629

One last group photo of our Zone before everything changes!

Back row LtoR: Elder Moux, Elder Noho, Elder Okano, Elder Stevens, Elder Ashcraft, Elder Johnson

Front row LtoR: Elder Smith (our new District Leader), Elder Wilson, Elder Monroe (our new Zone Leader), Sister Provsgaard, Sister Rindlisbacher

Today Elder Okano and Wilson leave

Wednesday Elder Ashcraft and Moux leave and Elder Linsey arrives

Thurs Elder Stevens leaves

Next week Elder Rowley arrives and the week after Elder Clement

And in three weeks Elder Anderson arrives

The travel here lately has been crazy, so the transfers are spread out instead of all at the same time.

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