August District Meeting

Here are some pics of our latest District Meeting. We were being taught about making sure to teach everyone–never assume someone would not be willing to listen and accept the gospel!


Elder Clement gave a short talk during the meeting

20160816_105641 20160816_113913During roll-play, Elder Monroe and Johnson pretend to be uninterested contacts being approached by Elder Lindsey and Elder  Clement. Elder Anderson sits at the table.

20160816_113921  Elder Monroe was making it hard for the ‘missionaries’ to get their point across!


But Elder Clement and Elder Linsey were persistent (and nice) and eventually made an appointment…


Elder Smith was greatly amused by the roll-play going on!


The roll-play created varied reactions: from putting Elder Rowley to sleep, to stunned wonder in Elder Noho, and the Sisters just sat and shook their heads….

Missionary training is necessary, and sometimes tough to do– roll-play (practice) makes perfect, although sometimes it can all go south on you… But the missionaries do their best to make it interesting and fun. We have great missionaries here. We aren’t just saying that, we have proof: the proof is in the number of contacts, lessons, people coming to church, etc. They are working hard, and having fun doing it!

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