Zoyah Joseph baptism

Yesterday we had a member of record baptism at the Branch: Zoyah Joseph. She just turned 8 years old and had her baptism the same day. There were a LOT of people that came out to see the baptism, including 4-5 investigators.

Brother George, counselor to the Branch President, was honored to do the ordinance of baptism for Zoyah. It was the first time he had been given the privilege to baptize someone…and he did it perfectly! It was wonderful.

After the baptism, and since it was Zoyah’s birthday, her mother had brought a cake and some other food to share with everyone. We all sang happy birthday to Zoyah, and had a great time celebrating this special day!


Zoyah and Brother George


Zoyah, Brother George, and Sister Joseph, with other friends and family

20160816_172519 20160816_172523 20160816_172605

Zoyah’s family with Sister Provsgaard and Sister Rindlisbacher


Zoyah ready to hear the birthday song!

20160816_183426 20160816_183436 20160816_183444 20160816_183448 20160816_183628

We even had special musical numbers played by Brother Plaisimond

20160816_183637 20160816_184301

Terri deep into some discussion with the Sisters

20160816_184307 20160816_184313 20160816_184322 It was a great evening for all who came. The cake was great, and everyone had a fun time. Zoyah will remember this day for the rest of her life–the day she was baptized!

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