All the new missionaries !

Here are pictures of all the new missionaries that have come to serve on St Martin:


Elder Rowley and Elder Brimhall working the whole French side of the island, based in Marigot. They will be teaching all the people on the island who speak French. They also aid in translating during church services.


Elder Anderson and Elder Sandbakken working the St Peters area. The St Peters and Ebenezer missionaries live right next door to each other, which is great for them. One set works one side of the valley while the other set works the other side of the valley.


Elder ¬†Sejournet and Elder Lindsey working the Belvedere area. Elder Sejournet speaks French, but was put in an English speaking area–great challenge for him! But it is a good move for the area, because Belvedere has a lot of French speakers in that area. They work in an area called the Dutch Quarter that runs all the way to the French boarder.


Sister Maughan and Sister Layton working the Cole Bay area around the Church building. They have their work cut out for them as their area was ‘blanked’ (both sister missionaries were moved, so there is no one left behind to show them where to go, where their investigators live, where the members live, etc.) !! They live directly across the street from the Church in a very safe neighborhood.


Elder Kasteller and Elder Clement, our new Zone Leaders working the Ebenezer area. They live next door to the St Peters elders. They have a challenge ahead of them also, as they have to take over ALL the responsibilities from the Clawsons when they leave– paying rent and bills, dealing with cars, dealing with government and visa problems, etc. All of those things once done by a Senior Couple must now be done by the Zone leaders!

These new missionaries have a big challenge ahead of them! The Zone has been doing great– averaging over 20 discussions a week for each companionship! We have a number of people preparing for baptism and great support from the local members.

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