Missionary goodbyes


Picture sent from some of the missionaries who served with us on St Martin– wishing us a fond farewell.

We don’t always know the effect we have on those around us– sometimes we never know. Terri and I have been grateful for a few notes and letters we have received from missionaries we have served with in St Martin, who thanked us for our service and the knowledge and training we were able to share with them while serving here.

The best part of this specific mission–different from our other missions–has been the opportunity to work with and teach the young missionaries on a daily basis, and then being able to see the growth in them over time. We have been so impressed by the caliber of missionaries we have seen pass through this mission! I have great hope and faith in their future, and the future of the Church that will one day be left in their hands.

So, parents…Stop worrying about your children! In fact, let me make this clear: they are no longer children–they are now adults who are serving God with all their hearts and making good decisions. I am proud of them and who they are becoming. And you have nothing to worry about…they are safe, working hard, and serving faithfully. What more can we ask of them?

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1 Response to Missionary goodbyes

  1. William Moore says:

    So nice to follow your missions. Hope to see you in DayBreak.

    Ann and Bill Moore
    11192 Topview

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