A few mission memories

Here are a few mission memories and pics:

IMG_1385_2 Small

This is a picture of Terri and I ‘lost’ in the Congo jungle. Our vehicles had became stuck and we were sure we were going to spend the night in the bush– but  our group found some local natives who came to aid us in getting our vehicles out of the mud, and we continued on our journey. This was just one or two days after arriving in the Congo!

40 yr aniversary

Terri and I celebrated our 40th wedding aniversary here on St Martin!


I had the privilege of baptizing a few people here on St Martin. This is Roger, with the Sister missionaries who taught him the gospel.

Group Miss Home

We were blessed to work with a great group of senior couples while in the West Indies (when we first arrived, this was the West Indies mission– later to be divided into the Trinidad and Barbados missions).

Kevan & Bro Lee

I also had the pleasure of working with Brother Lee from the FM group now and then, when he came to see the local building.

Pic Paradis St Martin

St Martin is truely a beautiful island! Terri and I made it up to Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island, to take in the view.

Terri & choir

Terri was choir director for a time– a great opportunity to get to know the members and to worship God through song.

Terri at piano

Terri spent a lot of time playing music for the Branch

Terri seminary class

One of the highlights of Terri’s time here was teaching a small group of Seminary students.

Terri the medic

Of course Terri’s main job here, and on previous missions, was the medical care of missionaries (and others). While here she actually took care of TWO missions: both the Trinidad and Barbados missions–over 200 missionaries!

We will miss living and serving in the mission field!

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2 Responses to A few mission memories

  1. Nancy Hopkins says:

    Kevan and Terri, Thank you for keeping us “on your mission” with you.

  2. Sœur booth says:

    You will be missed terribly. Thanks for your help and encouragement along our way. We hope to be back on the mission by the end of the month. Pray you have lots of wonderful times ahead with your family – you surely deserve a break!!

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