Saying farewell

It is hard to begin to say farewell to those you have served with for 18 months! We went out to dinner with Pres and Sister Huggins on friday (an Italian restaurant). We met at 7pm and had a great time. Before we even knew it, it was after midnight! I can’t even remember the last time we were out that late (we ARE getting old you know… 🙂

While sitting outside enjoying the St Martin atmosphere we had a ‘party bus’ stop right in front of our table– with music so loud you could not hear to talk! I felt sorry for those who were riding the bus around the island…they had to be deaf by the time they got back to their hotels!

I guess the bus takes people from their hotels to various bars around the island, and then picks them up again later and takes them back– so they can drink and not drive. All the while playing loud music and blaring their horn so that people know they are coming!


We will have the opportunity to go out to dinner with them again next week, when President and Sister Herrington come.

This coming week will be busy. We have a Zone Conference, have to clean and shut down our apartment, pack for going home, and have the Mission President coming at the end of the week for meetings (including a baptism on Saturday!). I speak on Sunday, along with the Herringtons, and then we leave very early on Monday morning.

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