Zone Conference with Elder Zivic

We have a busy last week! Today we held Zone Conference with a special guest: Elder Zivic of the Area Presidency. We did this the modern way: via Skype/Gotomeeting! The Conference was held on Barbados, with all of the Zone Leaders present, while the rest of the Zone members gathered on their various islands and participated over the internet.

Our group on St Martin met in our apartment, where we set-up a computer link with the meeting, and watched the procedings on our TV. After the meeting we ate lunch together before the missionaries headed out to go back to work.

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After the meeting Terri and I spend some time answering gospel questions the missionaries had conerning various doctrines and principles. It was quite far ranging: from the premortal life to life after death. It was fun for us and instructional for them. Most of their questions could have been answered by simply reading the scriptures…they do a lot of studying, but often limit their studies to the Book of Mormon. We encouraged them to read ALL the scriptures!

Tomorrow Terri and I begin packing and cleaning the apartment. Friday the President comes in and then we are busy most of the day Saturday and Sunday with meetings.

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1 Response to Zone Conference with Elder Zivic

  1. Sœur booth says:

    What a great way to finish up your mission! We also encouraged the missionaries to become familiar with ALL the scriptures. We saw the inability of missionaries to meet people “where they are at” with their Christian Faith as a real hindrance to the work. We were happy that a few missionaries had the teaching of some great seminary teachers – that made a huge difference. It will be exciting to see where your next adventures take you.

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