St Martin Missionaries are detained…

Yes, it’s true! Two St Martin missionaries were detained by the French police on their way to Zone Conference! The police had set-up a road check between the French side of St Martin and the Dutch side. They pulled the missionaries over and asked for their papers…

Here and in most of the mission we ask the missionaries NOT to carry their passports, so they don’t lose them. They carry other ID, such as driver’s license, etc., and also a copy of their passport, but not the passport itself.

On this particular day, and for the first time ever, the police decided that what they had was not enough and wanted to see their actual passports—and until they could produce them, they were going to be taken to the police station and detained.

So Terri and I, just as Zone Conference was starting, had to head off with the missionaries’ passports to get them out of holding. It was a difficult place to find, as we wandered around the French side of the island… But we finally found the right place, and after producing the passports, the missionaries were released into our care– with a warning to make sure they carried their passports with them at all times.

We got back about 40 minutes after Zone Conference had started, relieved that it wasn’t something more difficult to deal with.

Now the missionaries really have something to write home about!

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1 Response to St Martin Missionaries are detained…

  1. Sœur booth says:

    Would the police have been ok with a translated copy?

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