Last Zone Conference

We participated in our last Zone Conference on St Martin. Pres and Sister Herrington flew into St Martin on Friday, and we went out to dinner with them and with Pres and Sister Huggins of the local Branch.

On Saturday we had a Zone Conference with all the missionaries, which lasted about 3 hours, after which we ate lunch together.


Here the missionaries are getting all set-up to begin the meeting

20160910_100656 20160910_100711

Elder Anderson is playing the prelude music

20160910_100720 20160910_103139

The meeting begins with our two Zone leaders taking charge: Elder Kasteller and Elder Clement

20160910_103155 20160910_103202

President and Sister Herrington oversee the meeting with interest


Elder Rowley, who works the French side of the island, gives a short talk

20160910_111340 20160910_111711

Sister Maughn giving a short talk

20160910_111721  20160910_112254

Terri and I were given the opportunity to give one last testimony to the group


Sister Herrington giving instruction to the missionaries

20160910_113931 20160910_132111

Then it was lunchtime!

20160910_132116 20160910_132123 20160910_132128

There is really no downtime for Pres and Sister Herrington– now that Terri is leaving Sister Herrinton must field all medical calls from missionaries!

20160910_132147 20160910_132153 20160910_143715

One last Zone picture.

Back row L to R: Elder Sejournet, Brimhall, Lindsey, Anderson, Sandbakken, Clement, Rowley  From Row L to R: Sister Layton, Maughan, Pres Herrington, Sister Herrington, Sister Clawson, Elder Kasteller


It was a great way to end our mission!

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