Going Home to Philly

Terri and I left St Martin early Monday morning– we were up at 5am to get ready for the Zone Leaders to pick us up at about 5:40am to head to the airport. We left about 8 am for Miami and then on to Philly.

Terri’s parents, brother, and our son Seth live in PA– so that would be our first stop on our way home to Utah. We also will be attending the dedication of the Philly Temple on Sunday. Since I served my first mission in Philly, and since so many of our family lived there, it seemed like a good place to come!


I have been trying to get a picture of this bird for 18 months! Finally, just a couple of days before we leave, during my morning walk, I finally got a picture or two!

img_6247 img_6248 img_6250

Just some final pics of what was our beautiful home of St Martin!


Simpson Bay with all the boats– Sandy Ground (French side) in the background

img_6252 img_6253

The road leading to Marigot on the French side where two elders work

img_6254  img_6256

Just over the hill is St Peters and Ebenezer where four of our elders work


Just to the right of St Peters valley is the Salt Pond leading to Philipsburg


The Salt Pond is on the left, with the long strip being Philipsburg, and the ocean bay on the right where the large cruise ships come


Just to the right you can just see the two long piers where the cruise ships come into port. There are no ships in today– it is slow in the summer.

img_6262 img_6263 img_6264  img_6267

During our flight to Miami we passed many islands– I was surprised how many we passed!

img_6268 img_6269 img_6270     img_6275 img_6276 img_6277 img_6278 img_6279 img_6280 img_6281 img_6282 img_6283 img_6284

We finally came to Miami– had no idea how flat it was! It is pancake flat for as far as you can see!

img_6288 img_6289 img_6291 img_6292 img_6295 img_6296 img_6297 img_6298 img_6299 img_6300 img_6301

They had lots of water and ponds– not sure what they are for, but all we could think about was ‘breeding ground for Zika’ !

img_6302 img_6303 img_6304 img_6305   img_6310

After arriving in Miami we had a short layover, then on to PA. Once at the PA airport we raced to catch the train to Warminster where our family would be meeting us. We had quite the crowd waiting for us! Our son Seth’s children, Eve and Josh had made welcome home signs for us. The people on the train with us were excited too! It was a great welcoming for us. We then all went back to Grandma’s house (Terri’s Parents) for dinner with the whole family; hot dogs and baked beans.

It brought back good memories. When we lived in Conn. way back when, and our children were little, we used to travel to visit the Grandparents on the weekends. They would always have a dinner of hot dogs and beans waiting for us when we arrived.

We will spend about two weeks here visiting–and go to the Temple dedication on Sunday, then travel to Utah for our second ‘homecoming’ with our family there!

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