Seth’s home

We did get a chance to visit with Seth and our grandchildren for a few days. Seth has a great home in the woods and has his own wood shop!

img_6332 img_6333  img_6335 img_6336

Porter, one of our newest grandsons took a header off his bike and got a black eye!

img_6337 img_6338 img_6339

Seth’s shop has a full woodworking shop, and a separate paint room with fans to paint all the things he creates

img_6340 img_6341 img_6342 img_6343 img_6344 img_6345 img_6346 img_6347 img_6348

Here are a couple of items Seth has made:

img_6366 img_6365 img_6314

img_6349 img_6351 img_6352  img_6354

Seth is still young at heart…

img_6355 img_6356 img_6357           img_6369 img_6370 Seth has become a great cook! We ate General Tso’s chicken with them one night…wow! It was better than any Chinese restaurant!

img_6373 img_6374 img_6375 img_6376 img_6377 img_6378

Seth has a large lot– 7 acres? And has lots of deer, turkeys, and other wild animals roaming through. He even can go deer hunting on his own property!

img_6382 img_6383 img_6384

They are surrounded by areas set-aside for other purposes… for example, just across the street is a large Boy Scout camp.

img_6386 img_6387 img_6388 img_6389 img_6390 img_6391 img_6392

We had a great time, and look forward to being home for a while now so that we can visit them more often.

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