Kevan and Terri adjusting…

Well, Terri and I are slowly getting adjusted to ‘real life.’ Although it is already cold here, so I miss the islands already!

We have been able to see most of our children and grandchildren–the only ones left are our Mexican family who live in Mexico City. They will be coming for Thanksgiving, so we will be able to see them then.

We went to our ‘old’ Ward two weeks ago, to meet our bishop for the first, and last, time. The Ward split after we left, and just split again as we came home…so we had never met our bishop, and will not be in his ward now that we are home! We will be visiting our new ‘permanent’? ward this Sunday.

Terri got me an online cooking course for my birthday, so I have been starting to learn how to cook (I guess it is about time, since I have been cooking for Terri for over 11 yrs now!). The course starts with salads…


Well, its a start! I already do pretty good soups…but I’m sure I will learn some things.

Terri is busy studying and actively looking for work as a PA in South Jordan, UT. She wants to start work after the first of the year (after all of our partying is done 🙂 And I will be starting to write a book, I think, perhaps, hopefully…

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