Misc family updates

I guess it’s time to update some things that have been going on. Today we went to hear my son Jeremiah speak at his new ward (he was just called to be in the Elders Quorum Presidency). It’s weird to be able to go see our children and grandchildren participate in the gospel! In fact, we have yet to even attend our real (new) ward… We attended our old ward just after getting back, then it was General Conference, then we got to go see our grandchildren in a primary program, and this week we saw our son JJ give a talk…perhaps next week we can go to our real ward and me our new Bishop.

We have also been able to see soccer games and attend Family Home Evenings, etc. We are relishing it as though it won’t last.


Terri and our granddaughter Lita (visiting from Brazil)


Terri at her birthday party at JJ’s. The cake was made by our newest daughter-in-law Tamy. Yes, she is 62 and I am 64 this year…


Our grandson Gabe (tall on the right) at soccer game


Terri and our daughter Liz enjoying the sun at the soccer game


My online cooking school product: still learning about salads… maybe move up to soups next year?


Family Home Evening with the grandchildren who decided to play a musical number or two! Gabe, Kael, and Ben


Lita leaping over stuff while the boys play music in the background


My oldest son Mike being coach for the day at indoor soccer (usually JJ is coach), with Gabe and Kael

As you can see, we are enjoying our time at home!

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