The great pumpkin

Yesterday was the great pumpkin race at Daybreak. We had a fun time with the family.


There was a LOT of people, and they had some food trucks, etc. This was right across the street from Liz.

img_0091 img_0092

We had to wait a while, but then they finally got into their huge pumpkins to start the race.

img_0093 img_0094 img_0095 img_0096 img_0097

It was a great day for family. Hard to believe Terri is in jeans! We were sitting with our oldest son Mike, with his wife Tamy (holding their newest son Piter) with Robbie, Gabe and Lita.

img_0098 img_0099 img_0100 img_0101

They have several races, with some spills, and most were wearing costumes… and for those interested in politics, Hilary Clinton won the race…

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