Thanksgiving week Family Reunion

We spent thanksgiving week with family in a rented home in Bountiful, Utah. There were 22 of us in one house! We all had a great time, got some family pictures (thanks to Liz), and all the kids got to know each other– some for the first time.

We held a ‘birthday party’ for everyone and had Christmas presents for everyone.

img_0345   img_0348 img_0349 img_0350 img_0351 img_0352 img_0353   img_0356 img_0357 img_0358   img_0361  img_0363 img_0364 img_0365 img_0366 img_0367

We had time to get to talk as small and large groups

img_0369 img_0370 img_0371

There was a play room for the kids, that they used a LOT


I would often find the children in small groups playing with each other

img_0375 img_0376  img_0378  img_0380 img_0381 img_0382 img_0383 img_0384 img_0385

The children would make cards for us and each other

img_0386 img_0387 img_0388 img_0389

We also had a chance to go to Chucky Cheese, for a break?



img_0393 img_0394 img_0395 img_0396 img_0397 img_0398 img_0399

Then it was back to the house again

img_0402  img_0404

At one point I found the ‘girls’ dancing in the kitchen to music playing on Terri’s machine


Then, of course, there was the need for family pictures, taken by Liz

img_0416 img_0417  img_0420

It was fun to watch the parents try to get the kids attention. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes the children just screamed anyway…



img_0424 img_0425 img_0427

As we were leaving, some last minute pictures were taken

img_0429 img_0430 img_0431 img_0432

We all had a great time, and have a lot of memories to treasure. Happy Holidays!

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